Greg D.
March 3, 2015

My wife and I were referred to Northwest Tree Service by my neighbor. Northwest Tree Service does all of their residential and commercial tree service, logging and land clearing and they rave about how pleased they are with the service and results they receive. I called for an estimate late Monday for storm damage clean up after some trees got damaged in the storm and the guys took care of everything the next day. They did a dangerous tree removal and stump grinding on one old tree that was hit really hard, leaving me plenty of wood chips and mulch. On another tree they were able to save with cabling and bracing and a couple of others just needed some tree trimming and pruning to remove some broken branches. They arrived on time and were were equipped with cranes and stump grinders at the ready - seemingly ready for anything! All of the debris was cleaned up in no time and I would trust them with my future tree care needs. They did an outstanding job for a great price and I would recommend them to anyone living in Kirkland needing home tree services.

Tyler G.
March 3, 2015

Northwest Tree Service who we also know as Got Stumps are absolutely wonderful. We have seen them around our neighborhood a lot in their different cranes and wood chippers etc but never really thought we needed a tree company ourselves. We just let our trees run wild and must enjoy complaining about our lack of views etc. But when we had a large limb snap one of our trees in half after a big rain storm recently that endangered the electrical service at our Snohomish home, we immediately thought of them. We received an estimate right after calling for an emergency tree removal and storm damage clean up and they came straight out as soon as we were available. They did a tree inspection and confirmed what we already knew - the tree was well beyond tree trimming and had to come out for safety's sake. After the dangerous tree removal, there was no brush or debris left behind. They were very friendly, had reasonable prices and we plan to use them again soon for future tree care like cabling and bracing a couple of trees that look a bit sketchy. We have also already recommended them for tree work ranging from simple tree pruning and stump grinding to extensive logging, selective tree cutting and land clearing.

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