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Residential Tree Care

Maintaining beautiful and healthy trees is easy with residential tree care services from Northwest Tree Service AKA Got Stumps of Kirkland, Washington. Equipped with state of the art, well maintained equipment, we can handle tree projects of all scopes and sizes. We keep residential properties looking clean, neat and beautiful no matter the season or time of year.

Commercial Tree Care

Commercial property owners in North King County and South Snohomish County have trusted us with their tree service projects for over a decade. We have the professional grade equipment and extensive skills to carry out any size of project needed, whether it is regular tree trimming or large scale land clearing.

Prune, Thin, & Shape

Keep the foliage around your property perfectly manicured with regular tree care services. With our in-depth knowledge of pruning, thinning, and shaping, you can rest assured that we will trim and cut to the proper length to enhance the aesthetics of your property. We provide the equipment and trained tree service professionals to remove ugly, dying branches and hazardous storm damaged limbs. Our tree trimming methods are proven to maintain the appeal and attractiveness of your property without compromising the vitality and health of your trees. Pruning actually gives trees a longer and healthier life as the wood of the tree grows stronger when freed of the extra weight of weak limbs and branches. Crown reduction services are also available.

Removing Dead Wood

Do not let dead wood prevent you from having picture perfect trees. Just call upon Northwest Tree Service AKA Got Stumps for our prompt dead wood removal services. After pruning, our experts will rid your trees of any dead and crossover branches, thus enhancing their natural beauty.

Safe Emergency Tree Removal

Dead and diseased trees can become a property hazard. Call Northwest Tree Service to provide cost effective maintenance. We know when a dead or dying tree is a risk to you and your property. Sometimes though your only choice is a tree removal; which can be a very costly problem if you hire one of our competitors. Turn to Northwest Tree Service for safe dangerous tree removal services. And after we complete your tree removal, we will grind up the stump so there is no trace of the tree and you can use the mulch on the rest of your property.

Creative Tree Removal Solutions

When it comes to removing hazardous trees, you do not want just any company doing the job. The crew from our company has many years of experience in the industry, and can develop a creative rigging solution for your tree removal services. For example, we have the know-how to determine a way to release tension and weight, and disperse energy to prevent from overstressing your trees.

Stump Grinding

If your property is marred with rotting stumps, call Northwest Tree Service AKA Got Stumps to perform stump removal services. Our tree professionals understand that tree stumps can at the best be unsightly; detracting from your property value, and at the worst, a safety hazard; putting the safety of your loved ones at risk. We first cut the stump to ground level so it is easier to remove. We then use our state of the art equipment to remove what is left of the stump out of the ground; roots and all. Finally, we grind up the stump into mulch for your property and quickly clean up any debris.

Land Clearing

When you are looking to develop your property, call Northwest Tree Service. We know the North King County and South Snohomish County territory well and we clear land with professional results. Your property will be ready in no time once our land clearing professionals arrive at the job site and undertake your land clearing project on time and on budget.

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